Data modeling

Data modeling is not an easy task, whatever your data model is for a transactional application or a decisional system, like a data warehouse or a data lake, how data is structured is a key aspect in the future scalability and performance of the system. We have built hundreds of successful data models and faced very complex situations dealing with legacy systems.

Big amounts of data

Dealing with large data volumes needs special treatment, not every architecture is valid here, the use of mixed architectures like Lambda and different tools to store and process data is a key aspect. 

Real time processing

Real-time data processing also required the use of very specialized tools but is not only about the tools you use, the whole architecture must work in perfect sync to make the data flow in real-time through all players.

Data integration

Integrating data from dispersing systems like external APIs, transactional and decisional systems, SQL and noSQL databases require the use of a very precise orchestrator along with a clear business alignment.

Cloud infrastructure

The cloud is not cheap, but designing a proper architecture based on AWS or Google cloud makes the difference between saving or wasting tons of money. We have the expertise and experience to help you ensure the savings at the same time you provide the availability, security, ease of use, and processing capacity of the cloud.