Product Manager

Experienced professionals with more than 5 years, delivering data solutions, able to write XS and to have a proper interlocution with stakeholders and the technical team. Experts in Agile project management, designing roadmaps, milestones and deliverables based on priorities.

Team leader / Scrum master

Senior engineers, with strong leadership capabilities and Agile project management, also very strong from a technical point of view up to the "hands-on" level. Key areas of expertise, Microservices, Python, Java, Scala, Big Data, ETL processes, data quality, analytics, etc...  

Senior Data Architect

Very senior data experts, typically, with more than 15 years of experience in different data architectures, transactional, decisional, and big data systems. Massive data ETL systems, data redundancy, and high availability. TOGAF, LAMBDA, and other architecture frameworks.Experience implementing and designing,  enterprise data warehouses, data marts, and data lakes. Experts in data modeling. 

Data Engineer 

Experienced data engineers, proficient in the use of ETL tools, like Talend or Informatica, but also programming custom ETL processes using Java, Scala or Python. Proficient in the use of the SQL language, but also able to tune a given SQL to improve performance. Experience working with NoSQL systems, like HBASE, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc...

Data Analyst

Mathematicians or related discipline, with a strong data engineering experience. Able to design the simplest algorithm to the more complex machine learning or deep learning ones. Typically works implementing algorithms in notebooks using Python, and libraries like Numpy and Pandas.

Quality Assurance  (QA)

Data Engineers specialized ensuring the data is processed in the right way and the data quality checks are applied. They work together with the data engineers and create automated tools to verify that the ETL and other data processes are working properly and generating data that meets the specific data quality criteria.  

Big Data DevOps

DevOps engineers specialized on the Big Data infrastructure (cloud & on-premise) and data processing, familiar with ETL in batch or real-time along with the techniques for data quality and testing in data flows. Kubernetes , docker containers, CI tools like Jenkins, puppet, chef, etc...   

Data Visualisation Engineers

Developers & designers that create and maintain custom data reports, using javascript front-end technologies or Reporting tools like Microstrategy, Business Objects, Qlikview, Tableau, Looker, etc..