We offer in-house training that fully prepares your team for any big data or data related role.

The best training resources

Our trainers are very senior high level engineers, that usually are working on real big data systems implementations.

90% hands-on programs

All our standard programs are 90% hands-on, based on real business cases, using our own big data clusters and sample data, to focus the audience on a really useful learning  experience.


Use our standard programs, or create one based on your business case...

Depending on your necessities, skills and goals, we can design a custom program for your training sessions based on your business case.

...or why not even use your training to create a POC...

...what about a hackathon...

We have been successful in the past creating different training experiences much more collaborative and creative.

On-site big data training across Europe

We teach throughout Europe and the Middle East. We recently have been in Oslo, Berlin, London, Madrid, Hannover, Zurich, Geneva, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona and many more...